Julian discussed with Paul Ciesielski, Chief Revenue Officer at Bugcrowd, a crowdsource security testing company. Paul provided insights into the company’s background, services, and the utilization of ethical hackers in their platform. He also detailed Bugcrowd’s platform and services, highlighting the company’s use of AI-powered technology to match ethical hackers with bug bounty programs. The discussion touched on the evolving role of ethical hackers, the frequency of pen testing in organizations, and the financial implications for customers utilizing Bugcrowd’s services.

Paul also spoke about Bugcrowd’s objective to work with customers, global channel partners, and ethical hackers to strengthen security posture. He emphasized the importance of practical demonstrations to showcase potential security threats to organizations and stress the need for continuous testing and engagement with ethical hackers to enhance cybersecurity measures. The conversation underscored Bugcrowd’s commitment to the success of the channel program and the focus on building close relationships with select channel partners.

Some benefits partners receive from the program include:

  • Results from Bugcrowd’s ongoing investment in the channel and reinvestment in partners
  • Healthy margins and deal-registration protection
  • Rewards and incentives for both volume and value partners
  • Access to a highly differentiated platform that addresses multiple customer needs