In October 2023, SlashNext Threat Labs published a blog post detailing how threat actors leverage QR codes for various attacks and breach attempts. More recently, they released its latest security research findings that detail the growing trend of cybercriminals using SMS gateways to launch hundreds of thousands of SMS phishing messages for mere pennies.

Patrick Harr, CEO of SlashNext, and Julian Lee discussed the prevalent use of QR codes and SMS phishing as tactics employed by cyber criminals. Patrick elaborated on SlashNext’s focus on AI email security and its expansion to safeguard messaging apps, including SMS, to counter phishing and social engineering attacks. The conversation underscored the susceptibility of users to cyber crimes and the need for comprehensive protection across various communication platforms.

The team then delved into the escalating risk of QR code phishing attacks, highlighting the exploitation of user comfort and convenience by cyber criminals. They discussed the various forms in which QR code attacks manifest, including email, SMS, and social media platforms, underscoring the pervasive nature of this cyber threat. The discussion also emphasized the necessity of leveraging technology, such as real-time computer vision and natural language processing, to augment human capabilities in scrutinizing QR codes for potential threats.

The meeting concluded with a discussion about the challenges faced by MSPs in transitioning to MSSPs, highlighting the need for minimal heavy lifting and the significance of security assessments in driving significant revenue. The team also explored the shift of channel partners to MSSPs and the importance of driving more value without adding dedicated bodies. Additionally, they touched on the significance of multi-tenancy and the potential for vendors to assist MSPs in their cybersecurity journey, particularly in the initial stages, with free assessments and easy spin-ups.