CYE, a leader in cybersecurity optimization platforms, announced a new capability in its Hyver platform that calculates dynamic risk in real-time. Hyver sets a new standard for the industry that will allow CISOs to take mitigation plans to the next level by optimizing real-time data to make both short-term and long-term decisions. Ultimately, Hyver helps CISOs make faster, more informed decisions, while they deal with budget concerns and strategic or tactical organizational decisions regarding security investments.

Many companies today build their risk models on static data such as reports, questionnaires and audits – but in a world that is constantly changing those models aren’t enough.

CYE raises the bar with innovative risk calculation, taking multiple data sources and inputting them into a risk model, providing tailor made recommendations for security teams. This new module allows them to decide where they would like to invest, and what they should remediate with a correlation to their business needs.

CYE’s new feature enhances its risk quantification capabilities, empowering companies to assess cyber risks based on their potential business impact. With the latest additions to the platform, businesses can develop dynamic plans that can be easily communicated to management and adjust to changes in the threat landscape according to their risk appetite.

“Our main mission at CYE is to deliver an innovative, new approach to the market in order to truly help organizations manage, quantify and mitigate risks,” said Inbar Reiss, Chief Product Officer of CYE. “These new capabilities embedded within Hyver will allow organizations to define their risk tolerance and build remediation processes accordingly. By attaching a dollar value to the cyber risk, the organization is up against, CISOs and security decision makers will be in a much better position to determine their security plans and budget.”

CYE provides complete visibility into possible attack routes, streamlines and prioritizes the remediation process and allows security leaders to understand the true cost of threats and remediation so they can communicate it to the board and management in business terms of Return on Investment (ROI). When using CYE and Hyver, companies can eliminate the need for numerous cybersecurity tools and reduce the likelihood and the impact of cyberattacks. 

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