Brad Tompkins is the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Workspot. Tompkins previously served as the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Tompkins became CEO after driving major momentum in his role as COO. During this time, he managed Workspot’s go to market strategy as it transitioned to a platform company. During this phase, Workspot achieved 20x growth in New Software ARR and 2.5x growth in transactional profitability. In his new role, Tompkins will provide strategic direction and leadership, overseeing all aspects of the company’s operations. Collaborating closely with the leadership team and board of directors, he will accelerate Workspot’s global growth strategies while optimizing the company’s financial performance, sales engine, and marketing initiatives.

During this interview, Brad delved into the company’s journey from its MSP roots to its current cloud-native subscription model, emphasizing the robust security features and multi-tenant architecture, positioning Workspot as a modern and agile VDI solution.

He also discussed the evolving channel program at Workspot, emphasizing the long-term goal of becoming a hundred percent channel company and the strong relationships with both traditional and cloud partners. Brad expressed the company’s eagerness to work with channel partners and highlighted the attractiveness of their channel program, emphasizing the potential benefits of collaborating with WorkSpot.

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