Barrier1 is already doing what all security platforms must be doing to block hacker attacks. If you cannot identify and block and attract in realtime (microseconds), then the damage is done. The longer that the hacker gets to stay within your breached network, the more damage will be done.

Barrier 1 is the leader in Intelligent Threat Management with AI-Deep Learning was put to the test by a third-party independent validation of its ability to inspect, analyze and react with extreme accuracy in real time. Speed is the critical key in blocking hackers from messing around with your network and data.

Today’s cyber-attacks are rapidly changing in structure and attack vectors. What once took months now is being done in hours and sometimes minutes to seconds. In order to stay ahead and continually be protected, Cyber Protection platforms will have to be able to make extreme accurate decision in sub second time. If not, the results will most likely result in a compromised system.

Barrier1 was approached by a third party to have an ethical hacker test and see if they could get past Barrier1. An independent ethical hacker was hired to do the testing. After the test, the company was introduced to Marc Weintraub who actually performed the hacking exercise. Barrier1 provided the hacker with the IP addresses, OS, passwords in order to initiate the attempts to capture the files. The hacker set up 3 separate locations in order to launch the cyber-attacks. After approximately 1 month, the hacker was unable to get past Barrier1.

Here are some of the resulting analysis of the hack:

  • Inspection- Analysis- Reaction by Barrier1 happened within 0.000018 seconds to 0.000010 seconds. “The Block was so quick, I thought I did something wrong”, commented Marc W.
  • In all 3 locations, network sniffers and monitors were set up to capture clues from the return traffic. “The block happened so fast that I was unable to capture useful information. The reaction time was staggering.” added Marc W.
  • The bottom line is that the hacker was unable to breach Barrier1.

Check out this post-testing interview with CEO of Barrier 1, James Libersky and Marc W (hacker).

In a time where network speed is increasing and cyber activity is unprecedented, there are also greater opportunities for ill-intentioned actors to do harm.” Today’s cyber-attacks are more complex and faster today and will continue.”. “ It is no longer a Zero Day but a Zero Second environment.” states Jim Libersky Pres.

“I have never seen a product react this quickly before.” Marc W.

Barrier1 TM was the first to deliver an AI- Deep Learning platform that inspects All 7 OSI layers in real time. To learn more visit