Ontinue, a leading provider of AI-powered extended managed detection and response (MXDR) services and winner of the 2023 Microsoft Security Services Innovator of the Year award, and its partner AVANT, a premier technology distributor and channel sales enablement company, have strengthened the cybersecurity protections of several joint customers by maximizing their existing Microsoft 365 Defender investments with the Ontinue ION MXDR service. Together, they provide a tailored security service that combines AI and human intelligence to address customers’ most urgent security issues while reducing their total cost of ownership.

Despite increasing vulnerabilities caused by digital transformation efforts, many organizations underutilize the extensive security capabilities of their Microsoft 365 Defender investments, instead engaging with MSSPs and MXDR providers. However, the majority of providers use too many toolsets and do not effectively employ AI to gain a meaningful understanding of their customers. This makes these providers notoriously poor at distinguishing true positives from false and benign positives, which results in lost time, wasted effort and distracts from real threats.  

Ontinue ION MXDR overcomes these issues by optimizing Microsoft 365 Defender, leveraging Microsoft security and collaboration portfolios, and uniquely combining AI and human intelligence. This allows Ontinue to truly understand customers’ environments, workflows, risks, objectives and tools and deliver tailored security built around customers’ organizations, critical assets and business needs for faster and more effective response. 

“MXDR providers are not created equal, and in today’s cost-conscious and serious threat environment, companies must ensure the security service provider they choose can maximize their existing security assets, particularly ones as capable as Microsoft 365 Defender. Working with AVANT, we are reaching such Microsoft 365 Defender customers and providing them with the security that allows them to focus on business and not putting out fires,” said Pedro Vidal, Vice President of North America Sales for Ontinue. “AVANT is a perfect partner for us in this effort, with an outstanding reputation for excellence and its army of well-respected Trusted Advisors whose customers rely on to address their IT and security needs.”

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