Speaker: Brian Fravel. Vice President Marketing at Vade

Julian and Brian discussed cybersecurity predictions for 2024, highlighting the growing sophistication of cyber attacks and the role of AI in shaping the landscape. They emphasized the importance of email security and employee education in preventing cyber attacks, and the need for businesses to implement robust security measures and ongoing training to protect against phishing and social engineering attempts. The conversation also touched on Vade’s forthcoming email security product for Microsoft 365 and their dedication to supporting MSPs in enhancing their cybersecurity offerings, as well as the evolving landscape of cyber insurance and its implications for MSPs. Overall, the discussion underscored Vade’s commitment to empowering the channel to mitigate the impact of cyber threats and adapt to the changing cybersecurity landscape.

Here are some main predictions from Vade:

  • Quishing threats will increase
  • Spear phishing will remain a top threat
  • An emerging spear phishing technique will grow
  • A new malicious use of generative AI may emerge
  • Rise of malicious business models will continue

See our interview with Brian back in 2022: https://www.e-channelnews.com/vade-appoints-brian-fravel-as-new-vp-of-marketing/