Speaker: Greg Young. Vice President Cybersecurity and CorpDev at Trend Micro

The meeting covered a range of topics related to cybersecurity trends and challenges. Julian and Greg discussed the increasing sophistication of bad actors in using AI for more sophisticated attacks, the vulnerabilities present in supply chain, particularly concerning open source libraries, and the evolving threats of virtual kidnapping and deepfakes. They also delved into the multifaceted challenges and responsibilities that come with the CISO role, the importance of preparing for quantum computing and its potential impact on encryption, and the challenges in cybersecurity investment. The speakers emphasized the need for practical solutions tailored to different business sizes and roles, seamless integration and platform simplification, and collaboration in the cybersecurity industry.

They also highlighted the impact of compliance and regulations on the cybersecurity landscape, emphasizing the need for regulations and penalties to ensure better protection of sensitive data. They also touched on the evolving landscape of privacy regulations and the potential role of AI regulation in addressing privacy concerns. The conversation underscored the significant shift in the CISO role and the critical need for individuals who possess the requisite skills and expertise to navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity. The speakers stressed the importance of maintaining visibility into the organization’s assets and understanding the usage of apps to effectively mitigate security threats.

The speakers also discussed the potential positive impact of AI in enhancing cybersecurity defenses, particularly in assisting junior professionals to identify and address security threats effectively. They emphasized the need to prioritize quantum-safe encryption algorithms to mitigate future vulnerabilities and the importance of seeking out solutions that offer true integration and platform simplification.

See our interview with Greg back in 2022: https://www.e-channelnews.com/trend-micro-releases-study-results-on-cloud-security/