Boston-based network security vendor Tufin has developed an orchestration suite for customers who are struggling to provide more agility to its organization, while still being able to respond to security compliance and reduce overall risk.

Tufin, which was founded in Israel, is supporting its orchestration suite with a new channel program called Technology Alliance Partner or TAP. TAP works to extends the capabilities of the Tufin Orchestration Suite to make the platform more accessible with Tufin’s REST APIs.

At the heart of the Tufin Orchestration Suite is the SecureTrack firewall and security policy management solution for multi-vendor firewalls. This next-generation technology and cloud platform can leverage public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

With TAP, Pamela Cyr, senior vice president of business development at Tufin, told EChannelNews that solution providers can now address new use cases with customers; chief among them security incident enrichment.

“Customers are constantly balancing making network changes to bring in more business apps, while doing the thorough analysis on how it affects the security profile or if it will increase risk. The Tufin Orchestration Suite provides the complete network topology along with unified security policy management and automation across a hybrid network that can ensure there is compliance with rapid change. So, organizations do not have to make that speed over security trade off,” she said.

Cyr added, the company wants solution providers to bring in their own value, even though the TAP program has a portion for just reselling. TAP works to build on to integration, she said, and use cases such as security incident and enrichment is one area where channel partners and Tufin can extend the security policy to aid in an investigation of a security incident.

“This area is hot and TAP partners have joined on to support this type of use case.”

The other use cases include: security incident response, compliance, and risk assessment.

Currently, Tufin has more than 600 global partners in a tiered channel structure. This channel strategy enables partners to invest in Tufin and also for the company to invest back into its solution provider network.

“What we really want to do is do more incubating and help grow service providers who have developed their own services. TAP allows other ISVs (independent software vendors) to enable these use cases and extend the value of the Tufin Orchestration Suite,” Cyr added.

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Tufin recently opened a state of the art facility in Boston as its main headquarters in North America. Cyr said that Boston has one of the best cyber security communities and the local resources and expertise made it an imperative for the company to establish roots in the city.

Tufin also took a step forward in the whole gender wage gap issue by signing onto The Boston 100% Talent Compact, which is a business community-driven effort to level the playing field for working women.

Cyr, who is an engineer and has always worked in a male dominated sector, said diversity and inclusiveness are two core principles of Tufin. “Our CEO thought this was a no brainer and pledged to do our part on the fair pay for women issue along with equal opportunity for women. This is a testament on doing the right thing. It’s one thing to have corporate values and another thing to act on them,” she said.