Every year, we reach out to the channel community in a call for nominations of women leaders in the tech industry. We are looking for women who are passionate about helping other women to succeed while blazing a trail in their careers. 

Here are the winners for the 2021 WiT Awards:

Lynn Smurthwaite-Murphy – Plugable
Nancy Cepuran – Commerx
Carrie Green – Alt-Tech

Congratulations to these 3 amazing women who absolutely deserve this special recognition! Thank you Glynis Devine for hosting the WiT Awards!

Check out their videos messages:

Most people already know the dismal facts about women and diversity in the IT industry. Things are improving but not fast enough. The industry needs a LOT more women to enter the workforce! If you are not sure why this matters, then please do some research from appropriate sources (you can find some on our website https://www.e-channelnews.com/category/women-in-tech/). 

Each nominated candidate had to complete and submit an application. A panel of their peers reviewed each application carefully and did some research. The actual names and company names are redacted on the applications during the review process. The selection committee narrowed the list down to the top 3 by voting. 

Eventually we plan to publish a Top 10 list, but we do not want to just publish a list. The purpose is to draw attention to this topic and highlight 3 outstanding candidates who showcase the amazing contribution by women in the industry.

If you would like to participate or nominate someone for the next 2022 WiT awards please contact editor@e-channelnews.com or www.e-channelnews.com. There is no cost for this.

If you would like to tell your own women-in-tech story or recommend someone, please contact us. We are constantly looking for women to interview for eChannelNEWS.

Check out the various stories about some amazing women in the tech industry https://www.e-channelnews.com/category/women-in-tech/ Please share, like and comment on the stories to help amplify this important message!

If you are a women and would like to take some concrete actions to help contribute to the mission of empowering more women in the tech industry and help your career at the same time, you may want to join an all-woman peer-group https://www.channelpartneralliance.com/wit-2/ Our peer-groups led by women coaches, are designed help you build a support network that will empower all in the group. Explore all we do in our mission to support and attract more women and diversity into the industry.

Speak to one of our female coaches or invite them to come to your company and present the benefits of a more diversified and inclusive workforce and how to achieve it. 
You can also join our WiT Group on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12285598/ This group will be announcing changes in 2022. Your suggestions are MOST welcomed!