Research shows that 70% of MSPs are looking for an exit in the next 5 years.  96% of them are not able to scale their business past 20 people.

Security continues to be a huge opportunity for the channel in 2019, but managed services margins are down to 17%, which is about the break-even point. Security is one of these layers that allows you to increase your margins. The key to success is the transformational level of customer services.  Everyone is transforming their organizations in tech.  Millennials are taking advantage of this new trend.

A big play in 2019 will be partnering with partners.  RPA is also a huge market potential as it has become a stepping stone to AI.  Opportunities in IoT will be in coding, building some kind of vertical and engaging with early adopters as they pay more.  The advice for VARs and MSPs include: 1) build a stack of solid offerings, 2) look outside of your traditonal box, 3) set up a formal partnering program.  The advice for Vendors include: 1) be an influencer, 2) build partnerships with the channel.