Is your organization still losing files, despite having a document management system? Ponemon Institute reported that in 2018, on average, a data breach costs an organization $157 per lost or stolen record. Outdated technology poses a significant risk for your business; one data breach or accidental loss of information could devastate an organization financially. It’s time for organizations to plan for the future and invest in better systems that operate securely.

Digitech Systems is committed to offering an industry-leading cloud service for customers. Since its introduction in 1999, ImageSilo® has remained the most trusted on-demand Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. In fact, over the past 18 years, our customers have enjoyed 99.9973% uptime – an unheard of standard for such a lengthy period.

Approximately four years ago, it finally became apparent that Amazon Web Services (AWS) had a widely accepted, highly scalable, and extremely fault-tolerant offering that could meet the needs of Digitech Systems and our customers. Digitech Systems concluded that AWS provided numerous benefits that would allow independent software developers like us to integrate AWS and ImageSilo, allowing us to provide a next-generation computing platform to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Recently, we got together for an interview with our founder, Scott Matthews, as he discusses the next generation of intelligent content management. Mr. Matthews sums up the capabilities of ImageSilo and AWS working together with one quote: