According to Carl West from GfK, people are being more cautious about their purchases, so consumer confidence is now at the lowest in the UK.  That translates into the work space as well, as they take longer to make decisions but they are actually spending more money on performance products.

Brexit has an impact on this as well in terms of currency fluctuations and confidence in investment.  Brexit has also been a #1 concern over money, immigration and other issues. But this can also help businesses to transform, streamline and focus on their key areas of strength and success.
The technology sector as a whole remains strong.  There will be consolidation in the market as AI will need more and more data.  Smart devices and computers will have more processing power on information stored in the cloud.  That information being tied to the businesses, security will continue to grow.  MSPs need to find out more and more how they can be successful and move from break-fix to a service model.  But, according to a recent Forrester study, 70% of them are looking to exit the market in the next few years.
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