In this Women Talk Tech podcast episode we talk to Adrienne Power. Adrienne is a Canadian Olympian and working as a Development Officer for the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University. For over a year now Adrienne has been working on a unique initiative at Dalhousie University to challenge current barriers for women in computer science and to help more women succeed in the technology sector.

Listen in to Marie’s interview with Adrienne Power as they discuss changing the format to get more girls into tech and keeping them in tech at the university and industry level. Marie and Adrienne discuss important topics about why women leave and why we need to shine a light on more female tech role models.

Learn more about the WeAreAllCS Dalhousie initiative here.

About Adrienne Power

Adrienne Power is a Canadian Olympian and has a unique perspective on career paths for women in tech. For over a year now she has been working as a member of Dalhousie’s Faculty of Computer Science to operationalize an incredible gender gap with the project WeAreAllCS. This initiative is a catalyst to challenge barriers and reach a goal of 40% women entering and succeeding in the tech sector. Through Adrienne’s work, she meets and cultivates relationships with industry to create valuable relationships that will lead to a future where digital transformations are built in gender parity. Adrienne comes from a background of professional sport where she was a Team Canada Member, Olympian and national champion for over 10 years in track and field.