Paper is a staple of any organization in the healthcare industry. Each and every patient generates an astounding amount of data each second they are in the clinic. Paperwork is generated during registration, scheduling, billing, prescriptions, and more. Coordinating all of this paperwork is time-consuming and organizations spend thousands of dollars each year on it.

Woodstock Hospital is an example of an organization that realized managing paper files was expensive and tedious. The majority of their patient records were on paper, which made them frustrating to locate. This was causing significant delays and affecting the quality of care the patients were receiving. The hospital was already scanning documents, but they needed a system that would help them further improve processes to save them time and money.

Woodstock Hospital worked with Polar Imaging, a Digitech Systems reseller, to expand their existing system so they could start managing all their records electronically. After implementing PaperVision® Enterprise, they have been able to improve patient care, ensure all records are securely protected and reduce operating costs.

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