On this Women Talk Tech podcast we talk to Ashley Trudeau, Inside Sales Rep for Synnex Canada. Ashley never expected to find herself in a tech career but now three years later, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Working as an inside sales rep for an IT distributor Ashley is constantly learning new things and continuing to challenge herself professionally.

Listen as Marie and Ashley discuss what happens when you are really good at solving problems and suddenly find yourself in a carer in tech. Ashley shares important concepts about mentorship, overcoming the fear of the tech sector and how every day there is something new to learn. This is a great interview for tech employers who want to hear the perspective of a young woman in tech.

About Ashley Trudeau

My name is Ashley Trudeau, I’ve been in the tech industry for three years now, and I’ve watched technology change and improve at exponential rates. I work for Synnex Canada, an IT distributor.

As a woman in the IT industry, I felt the need to prove myself everyday, seeing that women tend to be out numbered by men. After a while it became natural and normal to be in a tech environment but it definitely took some getting used to with all of the testosterone flying around. I love my job and I love how things change from day to day. No day is the same in our industry, which is what challenges me and keeps me on my toes.