Plugable, a leading computer accessories company for both home and work spaces, announced the appointment of Lynn Smurthwaite-Murphy as Chief Executive Officer. Following her role as President and CEO of, Smurthwaite-Murphy served as a Partner Advisor under the Inc. CEO Project, while also serving as a strategic advisor to Plugable’s executive team since late 2020 during an exciting period of growth for Plugable. Plugable has experienced high double-digit year-over-year growth in the last five years, with 2021 already exceeding expectations. Bernie Thompson, Plugable’s founder and former CEO, will step into the role of Chief Technology Officer. 

“I have experienced companies at all stages of their life cycle, and my favorite time to work with them is truly during the growth phase,” said Smurthwaite-Murphy. “Plugable is at an exciting and pivotal point in their growth, and I am looking forward to building on this great foundation and culture that Bernie and his team have established.” 

In the new role, Smurthwaite-Murphy has big plans to play on Plugable’s strengths and disrupt a traditional industry. Through market observations, Plugable knows there are pain points among consumers that can be solved through a deep understanding of the technology challenges of connecting this with that. As an information technology company, Plugable will aim to solve the ongoing compatibility challenges that technology users face when working from home, an office, or anywhere in between. Immediately, Smurthwaite-Murphy will use her previous experience working on all sides of the IT channels – resellers, distributors, and vendors – in the B2B space to create expanded distribution channels and build on the current Amazon presence to influence tech users. 

In her most recent role as CEO, Smurthwaite-Murphy led in 50% top line growth, while also increasing profits, through a focus on channel strategy and B2B sales. This was achieved by driving a healthy culture and tapping into the momentum that can deliver. Similarly, Smurthwaite-Murphy also gained significant experience through her 18 years at Westcon Comstor, during which they grew from $200 million in two countries to $7 billion in 70 countries, both organically as well as through mergers and acquisitions, which led to her passion for strategic direction and high growth transformations.