Here we go…First week of a brand new year that’s starting with a heavy dose of uncertainty.  Just when you thought things were getting better, life throws yet another curve ball. It’s enough to just want to yell (I did). 

Remember that saying: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”  I take this to mean that everything is never really going to be okay unless it’s the actual end, then everything will be okay, so until then, embrace whatever life throws your way as best as you can.

I wish you the very best in health, prosperity and happiness in 2022. This may seem like just the usual thing to say every year, but I truly hope this new year brings you more of what you need.

Stay healthy. You already know the drill for what you need to do. Only you can do this for yourself. The struggle is real (for me too).

Be happy. I find that happiness comes only when you are living the life that you really want to live. If you are not yet, then join the big “rethink” movement to find your way. It’s never too late to build the life you truly want. I also find that when I make others happy, it makes me happy. It’s like when you see someone smile, it also makes you want to smile. If you are a bike rider like me, then you know what happiness feels like :o) 🏍.

Build Prosperity. This is probably the easiest of the three to achieve but like health and happiness, you also hold the key to your prosperity. Prosperity means different things to different people and it is never only about money.

Speaking just on the business of the IT Channel, prosperity is what we have been helping companies to build since we started.

How are we helping our channel community become more prosperous in 2022? 

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My main take away from 2021? The World is changing faster than we think. 

This pandemic has demonstrated how everyone and everything in every country is connected in one way or another. We are currently experiencing the downside of a globally integrated supply chain. People are rethinking their “why”. We are living with crazy restrictions that were previously unthinkable. The new buyer’s journey has changed forever. Businesses are having to find innovative ways to work and thrive in a digital-first economy. The political situation has gone very dark. Mental health is the biggest silent killer. On top of this, we are also getting hammered by extreme climate conditions unlike anything we have ever seen. Uncertainty may be the new normal!

What more can we expect to pile on top of this in 2022?

Your guess is as good as mine, but I think technology and the channel will become even more important.

While there is a lot of uncertainty in the World and economy, we all have a choice on how we deal with whatever comes up in 2022. What decisions you make in this new year may well determine your future (and those around you). Choose wisely.

My team and I are ready to deal with whatever 2022 brings. As usual, we will be doing what we can to help our IT Channel community flourish. Join us and chime in whenever you can.

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