Recognized as an innovative entrepreneur, a visionary and a true leader, Lise Lapointe has dedicated the last two decades to cyber security. When no one worried about the human risk factor in the cyber world, she was many steps ahead finding ways to effectively protect organizations against cyber threats. Today, as Terranova Security CEO, she and her team are committed to ensure the safety and success of organizations and governmental agencies,

Terranova Security, recognized by Gartner as a Magic Quadrant leader in Security Awareness, is a visionary company that offers the most comprehensive and highest quality online content in the industry with more than 250 training topics in 40 languages to small and large businesses in 200 countries. Working hand in hand with partners around the world such as Microsoft and Cisco, Terranova Security mission is to drastically reduce the human risk factor and support security leaders, designing security awareness programs that change behaviours.

In the IT field for over 30 years, Lise founded the training centre, Microcode, which was acquired by Telus Business Solutions in 1998. She then held the position of Vice-President of Training until January 2001 and went on to launch Terranova Security, one of the first companies in the world to focus on cyber security awareness for businesses. Author of The Human Fix to Human RiskTM, a cyber security book that shares lessons learned on how to build a strong Security Awareness program helping security leaders’ mastermind their own security awareness and phishing simulation training and change user behaviours.

One of the most respected female leaders in the cyber security world, based in Quebec, Canada, Lise surrounds herself with strategic thinkers and has ongoing plans to scale up her company so that she can continue to support all organizations and security leaders in their security awareness journey.

While Terranova Security won many awards, Lise Lapointe received numerous awards such RFAQ Winner for the International Women Entrepreneur of the year. She headed the Association des entreprises privées de formation du Québec (AEPF), the Québec Information Security Institute (ISIQ), Board President for FemmeEssor Laval and is continuously involved with many philanthropic activities.”