Barbara Paluszkiewicz from CDN Technologies highlighted the role of women in the tech sector, emphasizing the unique perspectives and qualities they bring to the industry. Barbara shared her personal journey, detailing her unexpected transition from a background in chemistry and physics to a career in technology, highlighting the pivotal moments and opportunities that led her to become a founding partner in CDN Technologies. Julian and Barbara drew parallels between the wine industry and the technology sector, discussing the significance of process control, quality assurance, and documentation in both fields.

Julian and Barbara delved into her company’s evolution from fixing computers in a break-fix environment to their current focus on cybersecurity. Barbara explained how the digital transformation and the need to secure networks led to the natural progression into cybersecurity, requiring knowledge of fixing computers, networking, and securing networks.

She also wrote a book with Chris Voss entitled “Empathetic Leadership Hardcover” which you can find on Amazon here.

“Regardless of how you feel about equality, or how you are treated or not treated – women have to be more professionally dressed, you have to have better character, better morals better ethics, you have to work harder and you have to know your product/ service in and out. Product knowledge. you have to be better than the men, know more than the men, act better that the men, you have to look better than the men, you consistently have to excel. If you do you’ll stand out – and be very successful.” – Jan Spring