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“What you will learn from these experts will help you close more sales, retain more customers while securing your clients better!”

As you may know, June is Cyber Security month here at eChannelNEWS so we have been talking to a whole lot of security experts to get their take on the challenges and solutions. If you have something newsworthy on the topic, reach out to our editors (Check out the Daily Breach News column every day to get your daily dose – always FREE to subscribe).

Here are 10 reasons why this cyber security event on June 25 should matter to you. ALL of the speakers are outstanding experts and leaders in their respective fields and are exactly the people you need to listen to!

  1. Always good to network with your industry peers virtually. If you are struggling, know you are not alone. You may find just the right support, idea or inspiration that you need. You never know what you may discover when you bring a bunch of like-minded people together, especially now!
  2. Paul Furtado from Gartner will kick things off by outlining what customers want and need from their cyber security solution providers. He will also talk about how AI can be a solution as well as a problem in the fight against cyber attacks.
  3. CrucialLogics and Jolera (2 leading cyber security providers) will talk about how they are currently protecting their customers as well as themselves. Get some great business insights on what it takes to be very successful in the Cyber Security game.

  4. A team of ethical hackers led by Richard Rogerson will talk about the importance of hacker-testing the strength of your security system before bad hackers discover the cracks and cause significant damage.
  5. Randal Wark will talk about how MSPs and VARs can build a solid security stack and best practices to protect their customers and themselves. Make more money while building higher business valuation at the same time! It takes skill, but it’s doable for many especially with the help from vendors who are providing automated tools to do the heavy lifting.
  6. Fiona Challis will outline the critical action plan for the next 90 days that all MSPs should consider. As the economy reopens, what will be the state of your customers and how will you repair a dried up sales pipeline that has to be rebuilt with a digital-first strategy. You may also need to re-energize and retrain your team. You will need to improve your digital footprint. How are you going to pick up the pieces and rebuild bigger and stronger business? The next 90 days may be the most important time!
  7. Getting your clients to make a bigger investment in cyber security usually needs the convincing of the CFO. Jeff Dawley will share a proven playbook for getting this done right. This may be one of the biggest challenges that most companies face in delivering the right level of security protection! Knowing how to think, talk and act like a CFO is a vital skill for getting the green light. Now, imagine having a tool that can help you do this perfectly?
  8. Should MSPs/MSSPs build or outsource cyber security to a SOC? Travis Ray knows both sides and he will share the pros and cons. Security is one of those things the you simply cannot fake it till you make it, however, there is a way you can leverage third-party resources to get the work done right, while you decide to build or outsource.
  9. Social and Digital selling is now the big game in town and those with the right skills will outplay, outsmart and outlast those without! This game of digital survival is not so easy to win as the competition numbers in the millions! Shane Gibson will explain why Return On Relationships is the new gold standard in social selling and how to get started today!
  10. Jason Rorie is going to show MSPs what they need to do to get their house in order to be able to better protect themselves and their clients from attacks. An important assessment and certification program to help MSPs build out a best practice cyber security business. It’s a high value-add that can be the competitive advantage that you need to win more business.

Plus, several vendors will showcase really cool solutions for cyber security. IT Cloud will be also be talking about how to button up everything Microsoft from a security perspective. Plus a whole lot more like Virtual Lions’ Den and Virtual Table Top Expo, cool prizes and fun games!

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Date: June 25, 2020

Time: 12:30 PM EDT to 5:30 PM EDT

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