WEBCON, a low-code platform provider for building and managing business process solutions, has launched its channel partner program in North America.

Through the program, IT system integrators can leverage WEBCON’s low-code application delivery platform, WEBCON BPS, to help their clients digitalize, standardize and automate business processes. WEBCON’s solutions are already in use by companies such as Pratt & Whitney, Siemens Finance, Mitsubishi Electric, Diners Club and more, as well as offered through top-class international IT system integrators from 12 countries.

While partners focus on delivering process-centric applications, their clients can focus on building competitive advantage and becoming leaders of digital transformation.

WEBCON’s North American partner program comes at a time when demand for low-code solutions for building business applications is at an all-time high. Gartner predicts that low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65 percent of application development activity by 2024. As this trend continues, system integrators will need a partner that can help them build applications that meet their clients’ immediate business needs and effectively scale over time.

With WEBCON BPS, partners can help their clients achieve 87 percent improvements in productivity on internal process handling time and 67 percent acceleration of complex external processes to deliver exemplary customer service.

For more information, visit https://webcon.com/become-our-partner/.