Tufin, the market-leading provider of Network Security Policy Orchestration solutions, today launched its Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Program, enabling MSSPs to offer “Tufin as a Service” in a consumption-based model, delivering maximum value and flexibility. Tufin provides vital network visibility and enables organizations to make network security policy changes in minutes, reduce the attack surface and ensure continuous compliance. With Tufin as a Service, offered separately or integrated into an MSSP’s services portfolio, MSSPs can automate policy changes to provide cost-effective services to their customers, improving security across heterogeneous networks.

Tufin developed its unique program to address the growing need for MSSPs to have an “as a service” offering that removes the manual and painstaking processes associated with firewall management.  The solution provides MSSPs a way to consistently and regularly manage network security policies and automatically document who made a change, when they made a change, and whythey made a change. Benefits include reduced network configuration errors, improved troubleshooting, decreased network downtime and lower costs associated with providing these services. MSSPs will now be able to provide their customers better business agility with lower risk and improved speed and accuracy of network changes while meeting security demands.

Tufin’s MSSP Program provides partners with:

  • Consumption-based pay-per-use model: eliminates the barrier of costly upfront payments with monthly billing based on actual consumption, allowing MSSPs to invest in offering this service with little to no upfront cost, while aligning monthly consumption charges to services revenue intake
  • Native multi-tenancy: provides native multi-tenancy capabilities within the Tufin Orchestration Suite for MSSPs with required separation of tenants, data, analysis and reporting
  • White label risk and compliance reporting: enables MSSPs to sell Tufin’s firewall risk and compliance reports, with their logo and brand prominently displayed
  • Easy license administration: grants the ability to easily add, remove, or exchange licenses
  • Comprehensive MSSP dashboard: provides a granular view of customer usage and costs to ensure cost-efficiency
  • Premium level support: includes 24-hour support and free online training through the Tufin Academy online, designed specifically for MSSPs

“Tufin’s MSSP Program has allowed us to do more with less,” said Zane West, Managed Security Services Portfolio Manager at Dimension Data. “Their automated security policy orchestration solutions have decreased the time, employees and resources required by Dimension Data to track and implement changes on our clients’ environment, enabling us to provide more valuable services. The flexibility of the pay-per-use model means that we can grow our business more effectively, and as more and more SMEs and large enterprises turn to MSSPs to solve their cybersecurity challenges, we’ll be ready for them.”

By offering Tufin as a Service, MSSPs gain:

  • Control and visibility into customer networks to easily track changes, identify risks and reduce the attack surface
  • Automation, such as automating network changes to eliminate time-consuming manual processes
  • Improved compliance and audit readiness for organizational/internal policies and external regulatory mandates
  • Cost savings with proven ROI, through more remote monitoring, increased operational efficiencies through automation, and measurable performance improvement
  • Growth opportunities, with a scalable solution that grows with the MSSP business model and provides options for incremental revenue through services
  • Proven, industry-leading technology now available in a managed service offering

“With the help of Tufin’s automated solutions and unique consumption pricing model, MSSPs can reduce costs and overhead for themselves, while offering industry-leading Network Security Policy Management to their customers,” said Michael Menegay, Vice President of Global Channels at Tufin. “Likewise, customers will find their security posture is strengthened in a cost-efficient way, creating a symbiotic relationship other MSSPs cannot offer to their customers.”

For more details on the program and how to enroll, please visit https://www.tufin.com/partners/mssp-program.