Tech Data has won its 12th year in a row for Best Distributor at the recent Reseller Choice Awards held in Toronto.  It says that the channel thinks that they are leading the distribution game. The sales growth of Tech Data also proved the point with a successful third quarter in Canada which they carried over through the end of the year.

They continued to lean on a strategy they implemented in 2018 which rests on 4 pillars: investing in next generation solutions; strengthening their end to end portfolio; transforming the company digitally and optimizing their global footprint.

They are seeing big growth in emerging markets such as hybrid cloud, security, IoT and analytics.  The endpoint solutions were also a great driver for Tech Data across a variety of manufacturers.

Tech Data is certainly the distributor to watch and beat for their competitors. The big winners will be the channel partners as they reap the benefits of constant innovations and support from distributors.