With Fraud Prevention Month just around the corner, ESET is looking to provide some quick and easy tips to ensure Canadians are informed and educated about the ways in which they can protect themselves daily from cybersecurity hacks.

Human error is the number one cause of any type of cybersecurity breach. Fraud Prevention Month is a good time to check in on your security best-practices and encourage others to join the conversation, so that we can all take advantage of the benefits of technology, while limiting risk.

Be smart about shopping on your mobile device: There are many ways Canadians can protect themselves while online shopping, but the first step should be limiting the number of sites that automatically house your credit card and personal information. Shoppers should consider checking out as a guest whenever possible or leveraging tools like Apple Pay, Android Pay and PayPal – which prevent your card details from being transmitted – when on sites not frequently used

Don’t overshare your personal data: Countless apps and other forms of technology seek access to your personal data and online activity. While this can be useful for some things, it’s also potentially an easy way for hackers to access your data. These bad actors pose as a viable company, making them sound very real and knowledgeable about your environment and opening you up to risks.

Dispose of old technology: With the rise of the Marie Kondo ideology, it’s worth considering if your old devices “spark joy”. But it’s not as simple as digging it out from the drawer where it resides gathering dust and throwing the item in the trash. Disposal of old tech requires thought and effort: the need to wipe the device of any personal data, knowing if it’s recyclable or not or perhaps gifting it to someone else to enjoy.
1-  Back-up the device
2-  Remove the data via secure erasing
-You may even want to consider physical destruction to completely ensure your data is removed, but a hammer might not be enough, so consult a trained professional should that be necessary
3-  Recycle donate or resell – contact your local government, the manufacture and/or a dedicated charity for advice on how to properly donate and recycle

“The fight against fraud starts with you. Be smart when shopping on your mobile device, don’t overshare your personal data and dispose of old technology correctly where possible,” said Tony Anscombe, Global Security Evangelist & Industry Ambassador, ESET. “Fraud Prevention Month serves as a great reminder to us all to remain vigilant, educate ourselves and practice safe online behavior.”