, the risk management acceleration platform industrial companies use to improve cybersecurity faster, announced their partner program’s rapid success with more than 30 partners registered since the program debuted in June.

Through the program, partners with consultants, MSPs, MSSPs and VARs to help them grow sales faster and build deeper client relationships. Additionally, the company has a strategic alliance program with companies such as Rumble, Darktrace, Nozomi Networks and Security Scorecard.

Three major trends have contributed to the growth of the company’s partner program:

Asset owners are seeking digital transformation CEO Ted Gutierrez explains industrial companies want to digitize and visualize their cyber risk management programs, but there hasn’t been a tool focused on OT cybersecurity to do that effectively. Visualization of risk has always fallen upon the shoulders of consultants, who are used to creating spreadsheets and PowerPoints.

“Traditionally, consultants have filled that gap and now they see as an easier way to fill that gap rapidly and delightfully,” Gutierrez said.

Limited travel due to COVID-19

In addition to the push for digital transformation, COVID-19 has limited travel for people across all industries. This has made it difficult for consultants to perform on-site assessments and meet clients in person. The platform has appealed to security professionals as it allows them to complete cyber assessments remotely at a fraction of the effort with SaaS workflows and reporting automation.

Cyber risks continue to mature and escalate

Cyber-attacks have continued to increase in frequency and sophistication this year. This has caused more organizations to become aware of their own cyber risk management programs. Gutierrez said the combination of these three trends have been key factors in the success of’s partner program. is continuing to grow their partner program, and Gutierrez said the company is making considerable investments to support their partners.

“I think we are at the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to enabling critical infrastructure sectors to see their cyber risks sooner.”

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