Pax8, distributor of cloud solutions, announced the launch of its powerful new product, Pax8 Pro, offering partners an introduction to cloud automation and simplified Software as a Service (SaaS) lifecycle management. The technology modernizes business operations, empowering partners to monitor and manage their entire client ecosystem and activities within the Pax8 Platform.

The complete process to move from procurement to assignment is simplified with Pax8 Pro. The technology fully automates the entire ordering process within the Pax8 Platform, including user creation, licensing assignment, user contacts in leading PSA tools, and assigns sites and locations to contacts.

Pax8 Pro also creates a more deliberate approach to acquire new clients by auto-creating business proposals, offering rich reporting on prospects, and running security and licensing scans. With features that automate updates across management platforms, standardize SaaS change management, and validate changes pushed to PSA tools, Pax8 Pro reduces human error risk.

The enhanced features and benefits of Pax8 Pro enable partners to become more strategic, operationally mature, and increase productivity. The top Pax8 Pro benefits include:

  • Generates immediate ROI from time savings in FTEs and MSRP savings from unused licenses
  • Standardizes operational procedures by prioritizing hardening tasks, auto-pushing user data into tickets, and syncing with PSA tools
  • Enhances security measures by offering visibility into vulnerabilities across all clients, determining the security posture, and by reducing the number of steps needed to procure licenses and update user contacts

To learn more about Pax8 Pro, please contact a cloud solutions advisor at (855) 884-PAX8, email, or visit