Recently, security teams have been increasingly focused on buying the best and shiniest new tool they can find, assuming that it is inherently better just because it’s the latest product to hit the market. But, it’s time to move away from that logic. These “leading” tools often come with caveats – i.e. have system integration limitations – and so the “best” option available probably isn’t the best fit for most organizations. Thankfully, these longtail “gotchas” can be avoided by opting for vendor agnostic software.

Neal Dennis, Threat Intelligence Specialist at Cyware discusses how vendor agnostic software offers an opportunity for stronger cybersecurity teams and why the industry should head in this direction.
Cyware’s solutions facilitate scalable and integrated management of all client security operations. The modular platform works in an integrated manner to link threat investigation, triaging and client alerting through an efficient, automated process. The solution comes with a multi-delivery alerting mechanism and advanced automation capabilities to ensure real-time notification and alerting on security threats.
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