In a major announcement, Pax8 crowned Scott Chasin as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), bidding adieu to the reins held by founder John Street. John Street, the company’s founder, will continue as Chairman of the Board of Directors, providing oversight and focusing on strategic activities.

“Today marks the beginning of a new era at Pax8, as it is my pleasure to announce that Scott Chasin is officially now the CEO,” said Street. “I met Scott at the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey nearly three decades ago and have seen first-hand how he leads, dreams, and executes. He has a strong vision and the potential to take Pax8 further as a product-led technology company. Pax8 is on track to become an iconic brand, and I am thrilled to leave it in such capable hands and excited for what comes next.”

With Chasin at the helm, the company sets sail towards a horizon of innovation and tech prowess. As the former Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chasin orchestrated a symphony of tech wizards and unveiled a game-changing roadmap for Pax8’s Marketplace. Now, armed with a treasure trove of experience from past tech adventures, Chasin is geared up to steer Pax8 towards a future where partners thrive and businesses worldwide ride the digital wave.

“Under John’s leadership, Pax8 has achieved extraordinary success, growing from a small technology startup to a leading global company,” said Chasin. “As I step into the CEO role, I’m humbled and energized by the vast potential ahead. According to Canalys, ninety-nine percent of companies worldwide are small-midsized businesses, which rely heavily on IT solution providers for their technology adoption and integrations. Through our innovative Marketplace, top-tier enablement programs, and connected community, Pax8 will empower our partners’ success and propel businesses around the world into the digital future.”