The rising interest in SD-WAN during the pandemic presents a challenge for companies trying to select the best-fit platform. Variables like latency, packet loss, jitter and out-of-order packets will impact each organization differently, depending on their specific IT environment and traffic priorities including voice and video. In addition, issues such as where applications reside and where firewalls are located will affect the platform decision.

Managed services provider MNJ Technologies is helping solving the problem with a demo lab that makes it possible to test-drive multiple SD-WAN platforms ranging from Cisco and Cloudgenix to Fortinet, Meraki, Oracle/Talari, Silver Peak and Versa to find the best fit for each business’ needs.

With a WAN emulation solution capable of simulating any available circuit type and bandwidth, the lab can introduce conditions like latency, jitter, and extreme network congestion to see how different SD-WAN platforms balance traffic over multiple links; demonstrate exact thresholds for when each product fails over; show exactly what packet loss looks like; illustrate the difference between session control and packet control as well as how they work in real-time applications; simulate latency based on the distance between two sites to understand application performance; and more.

MNJ’s Ben Niernberg discusses how these capabilities are facilitating SD-WAN deployments.

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