Jon Peppler is a leader adept at developing channels and distribution networks to maximize Bitglass’ global reach. Under his leadership, their channel program has grown into an ecosystem of deep relationships worldwide. Listen to the interview with Jon about Bitglass’ channel program, which is designed for organizations that are looking to turn their customers into IT “enablers” by confidently saying yes to cloud apps and BYOD.

Bitglass’ cloud security solution is built to automatically adapt to evolving security requirements, whether they involve bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives, the remote workforce, or protection against zero-day malware and data leakage. This makes it a perfect fit for the unique technology and security challenges brought about by COVID-19. Bitglass’ platform protects data and defends against threats for any interaction by integrating its core secure access service edge (SASE) offerings to enforce a consistent set of policies configured on a single dashboard. Channel partners have relied heavily on this offering to help solve their customers’ unique pain points this year.