Small and medium businesses (SMBs) comprise over 99 percent of U.S. firms, which might explain why they often find themselves in hackers’ crosshairs. However, the means to protect those small businesses is consistently overlooked by the security industry. Within the enterprise, popular remote management solutions have been both researched by security professionals and abused by nefarious actors in great detail. This begs the question of why the solutions used to manage and protect the 30.2 million SMBs in the US have hardly been examined.

To add fuel to the fire, many SMBs use managed service providers (MSPs) to outsource their IT and security services. The US Secret Service recently produced a report on the increase of attacks targeted at MSPs. In fact, in just one week, Huntress was informed of a single network attack on an MSP that compromised 15 different SMBs alone.

Huntress co-founders, Kyle Hanslovan and Chris Bisnett, discuss on the need for more industry focus on security solutions for SMBs/MSPs to avoid a devastating attack. They  explore:

    • How digging into these tools offers strong educational opportunities for budding security researchers/junior IT staff

    • How companies with smaller IT budgets are largely unaware of security frameworks such as NIST and OWASP, and how that impacts their cyber hygiene

    • Why there should be more industry attention on testing SMB/MSP solutions like RMM, PSA and CRM over enterprise remote management solutions

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