Granite Telecommunications announced the launch of its groundbreaking TechExpress platform, a game-changing innovation designed to streamline field technician services. Dubbed as the “Uber for technicians,” TechExpress simplifies the process of requesting and managing field tech services, from repairs and technical support to equipment installation and more.

Debuted to a select group of customers during its beta phase at the end 2023, TechExpress has already garnered exceedingly positive feedback, marking a successful first step in the rollout of Granite360, Granite’s new customer portal designed exclusively for its clientele.

Rob Hale, President and CEO of Granite, expressed his enthusiasm for the platform, stating, “TechExpress is a testament to Granite’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The overwhelmingly positive response from our initial rollout reinforces our belief that this platform will revolutionize the way businesses handle field tech services. As the first pillar of Granite360, TechExpress is just the beginning of our journey to provide unparalleled service experiences to our customers.”

TechExpress offers a user-friendly interface that guides users through creating, editing, and canceling field service requests. The platform features a comprehensive dashboard that provides an overview of ticketing history, active ticket metrics by status and type, and recently completed dispatches. With its intuitive design, users can easily navigate through their requests, drill down to specific tickets, and communicate directly with technicians through a built-in chat box. The platform also allows for linking related or prior tickets and the option to request the same partner for consistent service quality.

Adam Weiner, Granite’s Vice President of Technology, emphasized the significance of TechExpress, stating, “TechExpress represents a significant leap forward in how Granite tackles the complexities of field service management, bridging a crucial gap in the service delivery ecosystem for our clients. By leveraging our extensive network of over 50,000 vetted technicians and our sophisticated algorithmic platform, we’re not just responding to the needs of our customers; we’re anticipating them, ensuring seamless installations, deployments, and on-site technical support across any scale.”

Key benefits of TechExpress include rapid deployment capabilities to minimize downtime, real-time status updates, complete control over the dispatch process, increased pricing transparency with dispatch estimates displayed on-screen, and a direct exchange with technicians for efficient communication. Additionally, TechExpress offers seamless integration with existing Service Management platforms, enabling users to experience all the benefits of Granite’s Granite360 service without leaving their ITSM platform.

TechExpress is now available to all Granite clients, promising a more efficient, transparent, and controlled approach to managing field tech services.

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