EnGenius SecuPoint VPN Client

EnGenius Technologies Inc., introduce the EnGenius Cloud SecuPoint VPN Client, a groundbreaking solution designed to address the modern challenges faced by remote workers and IT administrators. This innovative product ensures a seamless and secure VPN experience, offering unparalleled licensing flexibility that guarantees budget predictability, all backed by the robust capabilities of the EnGenius Cloud. 

Securing corporate resources has never been more critical in the era of remote work. However, traditional VPN solutions often introduce complexities in setup, limitations across devices, and unpredictable licensing costs. As organizations expand and onboard more employees, these challenges magnify and impact productivity. 

The EnGenius Cloud SecuPoint VPN Client has been meticulously crafted with the modern remote worker and adaptable business in mind. Backed by the power of the EnGenius Cloud, it offers a secure VPN connection across various client devices, effortlessly pushing configurations and certificates through the ESG Gateway, eliminating the need for intricate manual setups. It also offers multi-platform support, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity whether employees use a Mac, PC, Android, or iPhone. 

Roger Liu, EVP at EnGenius Technologies, expressed the significance of this release, stating, “With SecuPoint, we’re not just offering another tool but providing a robust, integrated solution that responds to genuine pain points. Our commitment to ensuring seamless connectivity while significantly simplifying management resonates in every facet of this product.” 

Key Features and Benefits: 

Powered by the EnGenius Cloud: At the heart of this groundbreaking release is the EnGenius Cloud, which powers the ESG Gateway, automating configurations and certificates, making intricate manual setups a thing of the past.  

Unified Device Connectivity with Multi-Platform Support: SecuPoint VPN supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and security, catering to the diverse device preferences of today’s workforce. 

Effortless Configuration with Automatic VPN Connection: Connecting to the EnGenius Cloud VPN server triggers the ESG Gateway to instantly push necessary configurations and certificates to SecuPoint, ensuring a hassle-free user experience, reducing errors, and enabling scalability. 

Per-User Licensing for Unprecedented Flexibility: SecuPoint offers per-user licensing, allowing seamless device switching and multiple simultaneous connections. This enhances flexibility and ensures predictable budgeting based on employee counts with bulk license flexibility for business growth. 

EnGenius Cloud SecuPoint is available now. For a more in-depth explanation of the capabilities of EnGenius Cloud SecuPoint and to download the VPN client, please visit www.engeniustech.com/SecuPoint.

Source: EnGenius