It’s been a long and horrific journey through the pandemic, but Westcoast still managed to grow by 22%. They outperformed all other distributors in growth.
Alex Tatham is seeing the SMB market rebound and things are beginning to get back to some feeling of normal. With a highly vaccinated population, Brits are getting back to meeting people. The pubs are reopening. Actually, Alex’s first face-to-face meeting with a client is the day after this interview was recorded.
So far the market conditions for IT is starting to climb through Q2. There has been little to no impact from the BREXIT situation although much is still to be determined. Seems like the IT Channel is adapting well and ready to move forward.
The key to future success may require CEOs to be more nimble in reacting faster to market conditions. A good dose of technology to digitally transform their business seems to be the right prescription for a healthy company and economy.
Check out the full video interview and we apologize for some of the video being a bit fuzzy of Alex, but we know what he looks like :o)