Every vendor got a maximum of 3 minutes on video to make their best pitch. Which vendor did the best pitch. Which vendor interests you? Check them out and tell us at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LionsDenMay21

1.Accedian Networks  Learn more at www.accedian.com


2. Axis Security  Learn more at www.axissecurity.com


3. Choice Cybersecurity Learn more at www.choicecybersecurity.com


4. Click Armor Learn more at www.clickarmor.ca


5. CrucialLogics Learn more at www.cruciallogics.com


6. eSentire Learn more at www.esentire.com


7. Pondurance Learn more at www.pondurance.com


8. Splashtop Learn more at www.splashtop.com


Two winners of the live voting during the event each received a $100 gift card:

Troy Drever of Pure Information Technology and Matthew Franks of Quartet Service.