D&H Distributing, a major provider of SMB, mid-market, and consumer technologies to the North American channel, announced it has organized a new “Components and Gaming” Business Unit around its esports, PC gaming, and integrated components for customized PCs and computing systems. This new initiative involves investments such as the hire of sales leaders and industry authorities to support escalating opportunities in these areas, especially in the education vertical. The new leaders to spearhead D&H’s Components and Gaming Business Unit include former Samsung sales veteran Chris Geiser; Esports Sales Specialist Brandon Beyer; industry Esports Consultant Bubba Gaeddert, Founder of the Varsity Esports Foundation; and Esports Program Manager Logan Hermes, of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE). This market is significant, since total esports viewership is expected to reach 646 million in 2023, according to Business Insider, which translates to considerable green-field opportunities in this emerging area.

D&H’s esports portfolio includes a growing list of offerings, including prebuilt systems, gaming consoles, broadcast equipment, professional design and install services, and furniture; plus components, peripherals and accessories such as high-performance motherboards, graphics cards, controllers, keyboards, and joysticks. The categories encompass high-end embedded components that add value for custom-built computers and integrations in a range of verticals.

This is in addition to the distributor’s portfolio of proAV solutions such as digital LED displays, videowalls and kits, and content management software. D&H will help partners secure tournament licenses that will allow schools to compete in organized events–everything partners need to implement full-fledged gaming programs on the high school and collegiate levels.

“The potential for esports and gaming has applications beyond just the education sector. The market will continue to expand as it aligns to the massive growth of virtual engagement across the public and corporate sectors. Many organizations are leveraging gaming solutions for engaging associates, testing, and attracting new customers.” said Chris Geiser. “We’ll be initiating sales through channels including VAR, system builder, DMR, retail, and consumer electronics. These are markets where D&H has had a traditional stronghold, bringing this prospect to a greater range of partners. I look forward to accelerating D&H’s momentum in this category.”

“Esports is a fantastic opportunity for channel partners and educational institutions to collaborate on something that goes beyond just competitive gaming,” said Bubba Gaeddert. “The creation of an entire curriculum around esports can engage team members in all aspects of this category, from hardware to branding and marketing. I’m ready to engage more closely with D&H to drive adoption at the high school and college level from a more practical and technological standpoint.”

D&H solution providers can visit www.dandh.com or www.dandh.ca

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