Already has over 60 employees and wants to increase the number during the first year. 

I visited the opening and had the opportunity to chat with their leadership team. David Rassipour is the Chief Technology and Product Officer, Fernando Gualtieri is the Country Manager for Mimecast Canada, John Noha is the Director of Strategic Alliances, Stephanie McPhee is the Senior Manager of Field Marketing in North America, and Dan Bowman is in charge of growing the channel in Canada. 

“Technology innovation is brewing across Canada, and Mississauga is an emerging hotbed for the best talent and companies driving this industry forward,” said Fernando Gualtieri, Country Manager, Canada, at Mimecast. “I’m excited to bring Mimecast’s legacy of cybersecurity innovation to the greater Toronto area and look forward to recruiting from a diverse and extremely skilled talent pool.” 

The new facility will be one of Mimecast’s Engineering Centres of Excellence, with many engineering positions already filled; around 70% of the office is made up of engineers or product jobs. 

“As we were looking to continue down the path of growth and innovation, we looked at different locations around the world where we could open our next Center of Excellence,” said David Raissipour, Chief Technology & Product Officer at Mimecast. “With its proximity to world-class schools, diversity of talent, and proximity to our North American headquarters, Mississauga was an obvious choice. I look forward to continuing our growth here in Canada while Mimecast benefits from the amazing talent and innovative culture.” 

I chatted with David Raissipour, who provided some further insights into the current state of cybersecurity and how Mimecast is evolving to meet the ever-changing challenges. Today, it’s less about ransomware and more about deceiving humans into handing up the family jewels. The phishing game is becoming more powerful thanks to AI, as bad actors extract all of the social media content in order to tailor each attack on a large scale. Still, the great majority of breaches occur via email and other channels of communication so you need to tighten up the controls. Best advice: Take every message with a grain of salt since you never know if it will be the one!

The Mississauga Food Bank also received a generous donation of over $13,000 to support their efforts. This is a critical subject, and it is encouraging to see organizations like Mimecast contribute their support. Without a doubt, this is the beginning of many excellent things to come as the company also believes in being a good citizen to the community. 

Mimecast has been around for 21 years and is one of the industry leaders in email security protection. I was also able to chat with some of their major end-customers, and they all appear to be extremely pleased with Mimecast. I even requested them to go on my newscast to discuss their cybersecurity protection and resilience practices and how they are using technologies like Mimecast to save the day.

Mimecast’s new office in Mississauga is located at 55 Standish Court – Suite 400. Check out the full list of job openings in Canada.