ConnectWise announced last month a new service offering designed to help MSPs and their clients rapidly respond to attacks and recover from security incidents. The ConnectWise Incident Response Service provides direct, around-the-clock access to a team of expert cybersecurity analysts to provide immediate assistance to assess, contain and remediate threats to minimize impact and business disruption.

For MSPs and their clients that often lack resources to properly respond to incidents, the ConnectWise Incident Response Service provides an immediate life-line and 24/7 access to a team of cybersecurity experts that assess, contain and resolve threats swiftly to minimize impact and business disruption. The service, which was initially available under retainer, is now also available as an on-demand service.

When they introduced this service, they did so knowing that their partners wanted a robust way to contain a threat quickly, remotely assess and remediate the intrusion, determine the root cause and patient zero to be able to effectively enhance security, and to monitor the environment after the incident. Their retainer-based offering allows them to work with partners before an event to establish incident preparedness, identify key contacts at a company, and move quickly in the event of an incident because our teams are well-connected.

They know that during an incident, every second counts. With the addition of the on-demand service, partners will have an opportunity to add an ad-hoc contractual agreement outside of existing SOC incident support. Partners can sign up for a specified hourly rate that is applied after an incident occurs. Where the retainer service offers a pre-paid approach that lets them move quickly, the on-demand service is a great back-up plan to get help in an emergency and know you can count on an expert response when under pressure.

More information on the on-demand and retainer versions of Incident Response Service can be found on the product page, or by chatting with your account manager.

Source: ConnectWise

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