Why 5G matters to the channel partners, especially MSPs? The impact of 5G on business networks, productivity, and the Internet of Things will be discussed, so join Cradlepoint for this informative presentation. Big telecommunications companies are pouring billions of dollars into rolling out 5G, so its widespread availability is only a matter of time. If you want to help your customers reap the benefits of 5G, now is the time to start investing in it. The future has arrived, and it looks like 5G! Check out my preview of with Don Ferguson about what they will be showcasing at the ChannelNEXT event in Vancouver on Oct 20. Attend the event in person or online via livestream by visiting https://www.channelnext.ca/event/channelnext-west-british-columbia/.

October 20th, 2022: ChannelNEXT West In-Person and Live Streaming, BC, Canada Register here