Cloudflare, Inc., a security, performance, and reliability company helping to build a better Internet, announced the new Cloudflare One Partner Program. The Program presents a new way for the channel to integrate and extend Cloudflare One, the only cloud-native solution with global network scale, now with direct paths for partners from full enablement to robust incentives. By building on Cloudflare’s comprehensive Zero Trust, Network-as-a-Service, and Cloud Email Security offerings, the Cloudflare One Partner Program enables partners to provide the architecture needed to keep today’s organizations secure while speeding up their devices, applications, and entire networks.

Legacy systems have involved complex integrations and interruptions to employee workflows. In order to protect organizations, workforces, and networks of all sizes against today’s threat landscape, the Cloudflare One Partner Program delivers a full set of best-in-class Zero Trust capabilities combined with extensive partner services enablement. With this program, Cloudflare has bundled what partners need to ensure any customer can have a simple deployment in just a few clicks, lightning fast performance wherever their users are, and robust security across endpoints, networks, and email.

Over the past year, the number of Cloudflare One customers has increased 100% and daily average traffic has increased by 6x. Cloudflare’s deeply integrated approach coupled with direct paths for channel partners, has created one of the most robust incentive programs today to extend Zero Trust.

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