Peter Burg is the new Global Channel and Alliances Director of AgileBlue, a trusted leader in AI-enabled cybersecurity SOC and SOAR solutions.

Burg will leverage his extensive industry expertise to further expand AgileBlue’s partner ecosystem and strengthen alliances globally.

Peter Burg’s new role will encompass spearheading the company’s global channel and alliances strategy, identifying and nurturing partnerships with leading technology providers, and overseeing the development and execution of partner programs that align with AgileBlue’s mission to provide cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

In recent news, AgileBlue announced the launch of Sapphire, its generative AI chatbot designed to augment the role of SOC analysts.

Sapphire enables organizations – and the channel partners and MSPs that support them – to automate and streamline tasks such as installations and threat intelligence while freeing up SOC analysts to focus on escalated investigations that could be more detrimental to the business and as a result require more human-led attention.