Normally we only cover business software and complex solutions, but why not cool useful gadgets?

These days everyone is remotely communicating so a headset is a commonly used accessory. Especially when you are working from home and want to keep conversations private and less intrusive to others. Having a quality headset and mic that is certified to work with various professional collaboration platforms is also important. Everyone wants to be heard clearly and sound good!

I currently use an over-ear noise canceling headset for music and meetings or a pro mic on an adjustable arm with my computer speakers when I do news interviews.I also have the Apple ear-pods and a box full of unused cheap computer headsets.

First, the opening box impression of the Jabra…

Liked the low environmental footprint packaging. I just tore open the package like you would when you receive a courier envelope. Labels and logos on the package seem to indicate that it meets some decent environmental standards. On the front of the package it has a pic of the product and on the back  it said “Welcome to professional sound” with a graphic of the headset with its components labelled. Simple and minimalistic.

It came with what I first thought was a 112 page “user manual” in the package.  I think for some markets manuals should be viewable online? Anyway read at the end of this for my comments about what this document really was…

Inside, there was a simple soft pouch which you would keep for storing the headset or carrying it around. Even if you do not use the pouch for the headset, you can probably use it to carry other stuff.

After plugging it into my computer’s USB dongle, I called my colleague on video chat and it worked first time perfectly. Sound was awesome and the mic was very clear. I did some switching with my regular mic and computer speakers and asked my colleague to tell me if they noticed a difference. Well to my surprise, they said I sounded better with the Jabra. WHAT? Now I was curious. I swapped out for some of the other computer head sets that I had as well as the Apple EarPods.  Sound and mic was noticeable better with the Jabra in all cases.

The on-ear was something that I did not expect I would like as I am used to no headset or over-ear. To my surprise, the ear cushion was really soft and comfortable. I played some music for a while and I realized that on-ear was actually more comfortable for me. Over-ear heated up my ears a lot more. For extended usage, I think on-ear is better than over-ear. That said, sound was best with the noise cancelling over-ear headset!

I did not realize that the headset had so many controls. There was a light on the UBS plug that comes on when you are on mute. The volume controls was in the right spot (top of right-side speaker). Mute was in a good spot. It has an answer/end-call on side of headset that also opens up Microsoft Teams notification. Seems like someone really engineered the design with some solid research in the way humans interact with headsets. Just this fact alone may be enough to trust this brand.

I did not dig into the download of their software to update or personalize the experience so I have no clue what that is for or why I would ever want that. It was clever to offer a 20% discount on my next purchase if I were to register the device with the company (which I never do simply because I do not want to be on any e-mailing list).

I really could not rate this headset in comparison to others beyond my personal experience. However, if I wanted to buy a headset for my computer to use with Teams or video conferencing calls, I would buy this Jabra. In the future I will review a wider variety and do more of a comparison review. It makes sense as everyone is now doing video conferencing in this new normal. There is another model Evolve 40 that casts a little more so many that would be even better.

Why I would buy this?


1. The packaging experience was outstanding and it made me feel like the company cared.
2. The positioning of buttons, look, feel and weight of the headset on my head and ears seemed perfect as I had zero negative things to complain about. I was surprised that it was so lightweight yet sturdy. It looked and felt quality.The tag on the packaging that said “Designed and Engineered in Copenhagen” definitely makes me think quality.
3 I really had zero issues with the fit, length of cable, sound from the speakers or the mic and I am a picky person.
4. A price tag of about $100 is a deal. Maybe the 40 model for a little more is worth the added investment.


1. Why put a 112 page mini booklet inside on 6pt font spelling out the warnings and declarations? All that just for legal protection? Who reads that besides lawyers?
2. I do not know about the longterm durability of the product. Looks like it comes with a 2-year warranty, but lots of fine print on first owner and not transferrable. I am never sure why any manufacturer would void a warranty if it was no longer owned from the original owner.