Aware, Inc. has announced its formal partner program which will provide greater clarity and transparency around the company’s products, roadmap and pricing, as well as incentives for current and future partners.

“Today’s technology users demand access to their devices and online accounts that is exceptionally easy and instantaneous, without any compromise in security,” says Craig Herman, CRO, Aware. “Organizations of all sizes – from global enterprises to startups – know that offering the convenience and unwavering security of biometric authentication can make their products and services stand out from the competition. This is creating a large market demand, which we will meet by equipping technology providers with the power to offer biometrics to more organizations on a global scale.”

Aware has a proven track record of commitment to partner success and will collaborate directly with partners in the areas of sales and marketing, customer enablement and support and pricing. As part of today’s announcement, Aware is also offering a variety of partner tiers, an ecosystem hub and several new partner marketing initiatives.

“What was considered an esoteric technology as recently as a few years ago is now going broadly mainstream. Biometrics are a core component of modern cybersecurity and physical security frameworks,” concludes Herman. “We are thrilled to formally announce our new partner program, which we believe will position partners for tremendous success now and into the future.”

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