During this interview, Micheal McCollough discussed his new role as VP of Global Channel Sales at Anomali, highlighting the company’s evolution from a thought leader in threat intelligence to a security operations platform. The conversation then delved into a detailed discussion about the company’s channel strategy, covering topics such as channel friendliness, business distribution through the channel, and potential enhancements to the channel program.

Michael discussed the key factors that set Anomali apart, including their 12-year history as a leader in threat hunting, sustainable growth and the impressive pedigree of their leadership team and advisory board. He also shared his extensive experience working with MSPs and emphasized the importance of delivering outcomes for customers.

The conversation also touched on the significance of understanding and embracing cultural differences in global business, adjusting business strategies to fit different cultures and languages, and empowering colleagues from diverse backgrounds. Michael shared his experiences of developing methodologies and best practices that became global standards while working in Asia, underscoring the value of recognizing and leveraging talent from various regions.