Speaker: Margareta Petrovic, Global Managing Partner, Risk & Cybersecurity Consulting & Service Integration, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Margareta and Julian engaged in a detailed discussion about the intersection of AI and cybersecurity in 2024. They explored the challenges posed by the evolving technical and business landscape, emphasizing the need for innovative solutions to address these complexities.

Additionally, they highlighted the role of regulations and compliance in shaping cybersecurity strategies, acknowledging the impact of AI on both positive advancements and potential threats from bad actors. The conversation underscored the ongoing race between cybersecurity professionals and bad actors in leveraging AI for their respective purposes.

They also discussed the evolving nature of cybersecurity, emphasizing the need for serious defense methods and risk quantification. They stressed the need for constant vigilance and investment in cybersecurity, as well as the emerging trend of investing in platforms that can assess an organization’s cybersecurity posture and compliance gaps.

A recent blog from Tata Consultancy Services revealed the top five trends that will shape global enterprise in 2024:

  1. GenerativeAICreates Security Opportunities and Pronounces Threats
  2. Spotlight on Cyber with Increased Focus at the Top, Emphasizing Pressure on CISO Role
  3. A More Regulated, “Sovereign Cloud” Becomes Standard in Global Business
  4. Expanded Digital Ecosystems Leave Room for Attack, Altering Vendor Strategy
  5. While Talent Gaps Continue to Widen, New Hiring Strategies Can Prevail