As many businesses switch their employees to work from home, there are two big basic things to consider in your VoIP solution:

  1. A fast and secure Internet access
  2. Communications 

Remote workers will need to get security tightened up on the potential vulnerabilities in their Internet access and devices. Failure to do this may result in more harm. You can check out security options from many vendors on our news column “The Daily Breach” on eChannelnews.

In communications, you need VoIP and Video conferencing components. For this article, we will focus on just the communications part.

Check out my news interview with Reo Harb from United Cloud on why their solution is the right choice for channel partners and their clients:

Here are a few highlights:

  1. High quality, reliable and well supported. You should reach out to them so they can address how they deliver on these 3 elements. From what we can see, they have a solid feature-rich technology with multiple redundancies so it never goes down.
  1. Fast to get up and running in minutes. They can set up a client in just a few minutes to have them using the system with their mobile phone, computer or another VoIP phone. They can temporarily set up a phone number to call-forward your current line. Then work in the background to make a full seamless switch over.
  1. Competitive pricing for high-quality. This is not a cheaply made solution. 100% supported in Canada. 
  1. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams to replace the basic phone option with a full robust VoIP solution. You all of the high-end features you would expect from the best VoIP solutions.
  1. Built to be disaster-proof. If your Internet goes down, it will automatically switch to your mobile phone. If the mobile phone goes down, it will switch to voice mail that will be e-mailed to you in real-time. Or, you can have an alternative end-point to redirect the phone call temporarily. In other words, you will never loose a call.
  1. Management control with AI analytics that reports on the usage of each remote worker. It can show all sorts of data on calls that staff makes and receives. You need dig deeper into this feature as this is what business management are seeking to track all communication activities of all remote workers.
  1. Special pandemic crisis promotion to help channel partners to get themselves as well as their customers up and running with a solid VoIP solution, at a low cost. They are offering a great deal to help everyone during these difficult times.

The other factor is the people working at United Cloud. That are interested in building long-term partnerships that are profitable and sustainable. They are running a 100% channel-centric model and seem to be a truly roll-up sleeves team to get the job done, whatever it takes. I like that!

Contact them directly at