Wildix advanced its penetration into room video conferencing with the introduction of Wizyconf, a complete video conferencing system for meeting and conference rooms. Wizyconf takes the complexity out of room video conferencing, allowing non-technical users to set up a video conference in just seconds, while enabling increased collaboration during conferences. The Wizyconf system is available immediately through Wildix partners.

Since legacy video conferencing systems can be difficult to use and often require frequent IT support while newer desktop, laptop or mobile solutions don’t provide the quality and flexibility many users require, Robert Cooper Manager at Wildix says that  this new solution will  bring greater simplicity, collaboration and performance to video conferencing, enabling more effective group-to-group communications across offices and with customers or partners.

Wizyconf is a fully immersive, integrated video conferencing experience which includes a wide angle 4K static camera, a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) web camera, two studio quality microphones, a three-display mobile cart, and a Chrome OS PC.

The system supports up to three 65-inch displays and the dual-cameras deliver the flexibility to supplement room video from the static camera with a focused display of a presenter or whiteboard provided by the web camera. The intuitive remote control, designed specifically for Wizyconf, manages all system functions and makes conference setup easy. Operating off Chrome OS with WebRTC eliminates issues with updates or driver incompatibility to further enhance simplicity while providing a high-level of security.

The launch of Wizyconf follows last year’s introduction of the Wildix Ubicon Huddle, a turnkey desktop WebRTC-based video conferencing solution that supports 1080p video. Through Wizyconf and Ubicon Huddle, Wildix provides small and medium-sized enterprises the ability to tailor their room video conferencing solution to their needs while providing partners with a single-vendor video conference offering.

Wizyconf and Ubiconf Huddle complement the Wildix unified communications and collaborations platform, which leverages a web-based PBX with WebRTC to provide fully unified desktop and mobile communications that integrate voice, web conferencing, chat and email in a simple-to-use, secure portal. The company sells its solutions exclusively through a network of channel partners and has experienced annual growth of better than 30%.