Aryaka announced Cathay as its newest customer. Cathay, a leading premium travel lifestyle brand, is modernizing its global network with Aryaka’s cutting-edge Unified SASE solutions for improved business performance and customer experience, making Cathay one of the first companies in the aviation industry to adopt the emerging enterprise technology. Under the agreement, Aryaka is providing converged networking, security, and observability services across Cathay’s global sites.

Aryaka’s Unified SASE solution will help Cathay modernize its IT global network infrastructure, so it can be more agile, sustain growth, optimize costs, and enhance security for the wide spectrum of devices and users that access its network. With cybersecurity being a persistent focus for all modern enterprises, Aryaka’s converged network and security capabilities will deliver automated security, provisioning, and management, accelerating response times when faced by threats.

Supplying a secure, high-functioning network that co-exists with Cathay’s current technology, Aryaka will improve overall network performance, offer increased scalability and minimize downtime. Additionally, fully managed services and last-mile circuits from Aryaka will provide Cathay with an end-to-end solution that simplifies its digital transformation journey.

“Aryaka’s Unified SASE solution and managed services will support Cathay’s growth as network demand increases, while allowing us to remain agile and secure in the process,” said Rajeev Nair, General Manager of IT Infrastructure and Security, Cathay.

“As we continue to rebuild our business, we need a partner that could have an impact on our network and security, limit downtime and interruptions, and give us the flexibility to expand our network and bandwidth with less lead time. Aryaka provides all of that and more, and we look forward to working with them to further modernize our business for our employees and customers.”

Some of the IT challenges the company is seeking to mitigate include coding new offices quickly, delivering reliable internet access, and managing and securing cloud workloads across AWS and Azure applications. Cathay selected Aryaka’s Unified SASE solution following a thorough review of providers that could help the company address these issues.

“Cathay has been a highly regarded brand for over 77 years, and we’re confident that our Unified SASE solutions will deliver an unprecedented experience for their staff and customers,” said Renuka Nadkarni, Chief Product Officer, Aryaka. “This collaboration is a validation of our vision to deliver a best-in-class unified network and security solution intertwined with exceptional customer experience.”

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