Companies are scrambling to facilitate their employees to work from home.  This in itself is not an easy task as channel partners work overtime to help their clients to get the right devices and tools that will allow them to access their data securely and carry-on business virtually.

Fortunately most employees already have Internet access (although, they may need to boost the speed) and some type of web-conferencing solution.  While a cellular phone may do the trick in the short term, a full-featured VoIP system will be required to improve communications and productivity (and save costs)!

Now that the employees are all set up and working from home, how will management know if they are working instead of surfing the internet for personal interests?  How will management keep tabs on their employees so that productivity does not tank?

Veriato is the Managers’ solution to this soon-to-be a big problem for business.

Managers are all challenged to suddenly restructure a business to accommodate home workers, and at the same time maintain a productive business. The ability to understand what employees are doing is crucial when managing any team, especially a remote one.

With Veriato, visibility into employee remote actions allows you to:

– Measure employee effort

– Reduce security risk

– Identify training needs

– Maximize productivity

Deployment is 100% remote and easy. Veriato agents are remotely deployed out to Windows, Mac and Android devices from the central management console. As soon as the Veriato agent is installed on the remote device, it begins analyzing and recording all device activity. Veriato has both on-premise and cloud versions, so you can choose the solution that’s right for your organization. You can run Veriato software in silent mode, making it imperceptible to the end user.

Managers will have granular control over what activities and programs are monitored for each employee. Once the Veriato monitoring software is deployed on the company’s PCs, Macs and Androids, you can remotely monitor by department, group or individual.

With Real-Time Alerts you can catch potential problems in real- time. Set up custom alerts to inform you when employees attempt to visit restricted sites, download non-productive programs or apps, or spend all afternoon on Facebook!

Just as important, you get Insider Threat Security alerts about suspicious and restricted activities in real-time, so that you can react quickly to protect your critical data (e.g., client lists, financials, customer data, etc.). Veriato continually analyzes all employees’ behaviors to see if they fall outside normal behavioral ranges, which may be indicative of a security risk.

Management gets to see everything. Regardless of whether an employee is in your office, working from home or working from a hotel half way around the world, you can monitor their activity. Veriato employee monitoring software lets you record and track all of your employees’ activity on PCs, Macs and Androids… so you’ll know if they’re working hard or hardly working.

Management gets customized reports. Preconfigured and customizable, employee activity reports can be viewed online or sent to you via email. Find out which employees spend their time working hard and who’s surfing the web. Veriato solutions give you the clarity you need to manage your remote workforce effectively and maximize productivity.

To make this easier during these challenging time, channel partners will get some special incentives, discounts and support to get up and running fast. Now is a critical time to help your customers to manage the productivity and security treats of their remote workers!

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